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        1. Cultural idea
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           Enterprise vision
          Adhere to continuous innovation, development, reform and improve, to create a high quality grain and oil food and service leader, leading the national health new life.
           Enterprise idea

          With the social prosperity, win-win with customers, and employees together
          Responsibility: the world event, the people's livelihood for the first
          Service concept: customer first, benefit sharing
          Quality concept: quality first, excellence
          Management concept: scientific decision-making, human nature management
          Talent concept: realistic, good, and common development
          Morality: fairness and justice, honesty and trustworthiness

           Corporate culture

          Tak: virtue Liye, Germany are available in the world
          In Germany for the first, there is Denaide reuse
          Be of one heart and one mind, one hundred years of achievement
          Heavy letter: credit is the foundation of the eternal
          High quality is the promise of high quality.
          Honesty is the foundation of the people's words and deeds.
          Realistic: enhance the strength, enhance market competitiveness
          Pay attention to actual effect, promote the development of the enterprise
          The pursuit of hard work, to create an efficient team
          Innovation: innovation and sustainable development
          Courage to manage innovation, continuous improvement
          Be good at technological innovation, strive for excellence

           Corporate culture activity silhouette

          2012 "to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival" song and dance

          2012 "the national day of the Mid Autumn Festival" Leadership Awards

          A series of activities in 2011

          A series of activities in 2011

          Tug of war in 2011 will be a series of activities

          Tug of war in 2011 will be a series of activities

          2011 series of activities of the basketball tournament

          2011 series of events table tennis match

          2011 series of activities of the badminton tournament

          2011 will be a series of activities of the whole staff dinner