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        1. Guofeng grain
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          In order to further improve the industry chain development level, the company is committed to bigger and stronger, for the community to make greater contribution to the development of the concept, Sui Feng in 2009 set up a "Dongguan City, Feng and Oil Co., ltd.".
          Guofeng grain is located in Dongguan City Machong town Zhangpeng village, covers an area of 350 acres, a total investment of 1000000000 yuan. After more than two years of construction, the first phase of the project was completed and put into operation in 2013, the new formation of 500000 tons of mechanical vertical cylinder, 2400 tons daily processing tons of wheat flour workshop and 20000 tons of special grade grain berths. It is expected that the Guofeng grain and oil will eventually be built daily processing of Wheat by 5000 tons, the daily processing 500 tons of rice, Nissan feed production capacity of 1000 tons, and two million ton grain wharf berths, 70 million tons of mechanization of silo, 3000 square meters of multipurpose bulk storage, overall formation with wheat as the main raw materials, set storage, processing, logistics and sales as one of the large-scale food processing and logistics enterprises, is Sui Feng future development inject new impetus.

          State Feng company

          Country Feng Road

          Building list

          Large milling workshop

          State Feng employee activity center

          Cadres family building

          Staff building